Rewards Program

Updated 6/17/21 
We like to reward our loyal customers! As a thank you we have created our Rewards Program. There are a few different ways in which you can earn rewards. Some don't even require a purchase!

Ways to Earn Rewards:

  1. Earn 1 point for every $ spent when you order via our website.
  2. Create an account and get 50 points added.
  3. Join our Anniversary Club and get 100 points added on your anniversary. (Please note: When you join if your anniversary is within the next 30 days, your reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days.)
  4. Follow us on Instagram and receive 25 points.
  5. Follow us on Twitter and receive 25 points.
  6. Share us on Facebook and receive 25 points.
  7. Sign-up for our e-newsletter and receive a 10% off coupon code.
  8. Join our Birthday Club and get 10% Off on your birthday.

You have the ability to earn up to 275 points WITHOUT even making a purchase!!!

In order to receive your rewards you must create a customer account. Points from orders should automatically be added to your account after you place a purchase (in the event they do not show up, please contact us and we will gladly manually adjust your account - there are some "bugs" with this feature we are aware of). *We switched to a new website program at the end of December 2019 - if you have points from before this time period please create a new account and contact us. We will manually transfer any points earned with our old computer system to the new one.

We now have TWO ways to redeem & use your points:

#1. Type "USE POINTS" in the note box on the Cart Page. We will go through and manually apply your points to this order when we process the order. THIS IS THE SIMPLEST WAY TO REDEEM POINTS


#2. You can redeem your points for $ off your next order in the form of an electronic gift card. As of 2/21/2021 we are moving to an electronic gift card redemption. This way you can now use your $ off reward WITH one of of our discounts. Our current system only allows one discount per order.

*We allow you to combine the $ off earned with the Rewards Program with our percentage off sales/coupons and free shipping offer. You CANNOT combine multiple % off discounts. For example the 10% birthday discount CANNOT be combined with our 20% off $250+ discount but if you have 200 points earned you can apply the $10 off with the 20% discount by mentioning it in the comments during checkout.

200 Points = $10 Electronic Gift Card
500 Points = $25 Electronic Gift Card
1000 Points = $50 Electronic Gift Card
2000 Points = $100 Electronic Gift Card

Detailed Redemption Instructions: To redeem your points login to your rewards account and follow the redemption links under the Get Rewards tab. Here you will select the level of reward in which you have points for. Immediately after you click "Redeem" you will be given a Status Code (it will be a random mix of letters and numbers). You will use this code to purchase your Gift Card from the website. Enter Gift Card in the search bar or visit the Gift Card Collection page (we will also be adding direct links to website's homepage to make this easier to find). Choose the level of gift card you redeemed for. For example if you cashed in 200 points select the $10 Gift Card. After making your selection checkout. During checkout you will enter the Status Code you were given at point redemption in the Discount Code box. (If you forget your Status Code it can be found by logging into your Rewards Account and under the My Rewards tab.) Your Gift Card needs to be the ONLY thing in your cart at this time. This should make your Gift Card FREE, if you selected the same amount as your redemption. You will need to complete checkout. The website will make you go through the entire checkout process so keep going. You should NOT need to leave payment information. Once complete your Electronic Gift Card will be EMAILED to you immediately. You will then use this Electronic Gift Card on your next order to take your $ off. It should work with our website discounts both automated or manually entered. 

Simple Step by Step Instructions

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on Earn Rewards link and login to your account
  3. Click on the My Rewards Tab
  4. View the transaction from last night in which you redeemed your points
  5. Copy or write down the code under Status for that transaction
  6. Type Gift Card in the search bar
  7. Select the $ Gift Card that matches your point total and add to cart
  8. Checkout using the Status code in the Coupon Box
  9. Your Gift Card code will be instantly emailed to you
  10. Use the Gift Card code to take $ of a future order.

If you need help or have any issues with this process please let us know. As with anything computerized there will be bugs or issues from time to time. We can usually fix anything manually on our end or walk you through the process. If you misplace your Electronic Gift Card, please let us know. We can re-email it to you. 

Updated 02/21/2021