Updated Rewards Program

Updated Rewards Program

We have had a rewards program for a long time. When we changed our website last year we had to use new software for our rewards program and it didn't quite work the way we wanted it to. With a little trial and error we have figured out how to use it as it was intended and similar to how it originally worked on our old website.

The big difference is it is now a TWO STEP redemption process. Step one involves you cashing in your points for a code to use to purchase a gift certificate on our website. Step two involves you purchasing the gift certificate with your code from the points redemption. You can then use the gift certificate code to take $ off your next website order. This will also allow you to use it with our % off sales.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Also if you have points from before 2020 and need them added to your new account contact us. We can manually adjust it for you. Also if you attempted to redeem points but were unable to use them let us know and we will correct your account. No one looses anything earned.

Please see our Rewards Program page for full details and instructions. 


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